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Bộ Điều Khiển GAECS900208 ISRAEL

Bộ Điều Khiển GAECS900208 ISRAEL


Models GAECS00208 8-24 stations
Module 4 output
Input 220VAC 50Hz (110VAC 60Hz available on request)
Output 24VAC 0.140AMP
Standard CE
Battery (backup) 9V

Galcon’s GAECS900208 is the ultimate modular irrigation system for professional gardeners. Our GAECS900208 is an expanded 8-valve, truly plug & play solution. It can accommodate up to 24 stations. With its robust design it is vandal proof. All controllers can also incorporate fertigation and lighting functionalities.

Galcon’s 80024 AC controllers offer two methods of operation from the same controller. Both options can run simultaneously on the same controller.

The first option allows for choosing three programs A, B, C. Each program can be set either according to days of the week or to a cycle. It can easily operate up to 24 valves.

The second option is the ability to program the controller to operate up to 24 valves, each with an independent program.

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